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Acrylic Textured Coatings (for both interior & exterior use)

Wallmaxx Textured Masonry Topcoat is a 100% acrylic aggregate-filled coating used to produce a textured finish on properly prepared interior or exterior surfaces. The pleasing texture which results has the

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Cement Based Color Decorative Renders & Coatings

Wallmaxx cement based coating is of excellent quality, polymer modified, ready mixed thus renders structures with a decorative color finish and is suitable for use even in places with extreme weather conditions.

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Cement Based Tile Adhesive & Tile Grout

Tilemaxx Tile Adhesive is a water resistant cement based compound, designed to produce a tough and high performance bonding which ensures quick workability and permanent installation for various kinds of tiles.

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Cement Based Putties, Skim Coat & Crack...

Walltexx Putty is a cement based, high quality, ready mix, polymer modified, and one component putty in powder form. Walltexx Putty requires the addition of water on site. Walltexx Putty is ideal for smoothing

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Wallproof (cement based, polymer modified, waterproofing coating)

Wallproof is two components; cement based, acrylic polymer modified coating. When mixed on site, it gives slurry consistency which is easily applied by brush, roller or spray application. Trowelable consistency

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Paints (Gloss Oil Based & Emulsion Water Based paints)

Wallmaxx Super Gloss produces a superior quality protective finish, with a deep gloss touch on properly prepared surfaces. It's suitable for use on wood, metal, plaster, wallboards, brickwork, stonework, e.t.c. 

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