Acrylic Textured Coatings (interior and exterior use)


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Wallmaxx Textured Masonry Topcoat is a 100% acrylic aggregate-filled coating used to produce a textured finish on properly prepared interior or exterior surfaces. The pleasing texture which results has the ability to minimize defects and irregularities found on poured cement aggregate block and sheetrock joints.

It comes in four varieties:

  • Stoneless
  • 1mm grits
  • 2mm grits
  • 3mm grits

It incorporates mould resistant biocides, for long protectional life and can be applied onto Plaster, Cement Rendering, Block Work, Cement, Stone, Bag-Washed and Fair Faced Concrete. It may also be applied to Timber, Glass and Aluminium.


Based on 100% Pure Acrylic Emulsion. Loaded with Mould Resistant Biocides. Semi Thixotropic i.e. of Creamy Consistency.


  • Creation of Designer Texture and Designs.
  • Multi Surface application.
  • Breathes Out Trapped Moisture.
  • Contains High Level of Biocides to Resist Mould and Fungus attack.
  • Resists Efflorescence.
  • Graffiti Resistant.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Interior or Exterior Usage.
  • Bridges Hair-Line Cracks.
  • Hides Surface Imperfections.
  • Rapid Drying.
  • Water Based.
  • Provides Water – Proof finish.
  • Long term Total Protection.


We provide a SUPPLY & FIX service for this product. Contact our marketing department for more details. Stonemaxx should be applied with a Stainless Steel Trowel, for finishing use a special plastic Trowel or comb to create the Final Design Textured e.g. Horizontal, Vertical, Circular etc.


Stonemaxx is supplied ready for use. Under NO circumstances should the Product be thinned.

Drying times

Surface Dry: 4 Hours.Hard Dry: 24 Hours.Max. Hardness: 7 Days.

Equipment cleaner


Spreading capacity

Dependent on the Thickness required by Architect or Client, the rates are:-

8 – 8.5 sq. metres per 25kg

10 – 10.5 sq. metres per 30kg

Colour range

Stonemaxx is supplied in White and can then be over coated to the Shade or Shades of choice with the various Stonemaxx Acrylic Varieties.

Pack sizes

25kg and 30kg packs.


New Work

Ensure surface is clean, dry and clear of all contaminations. Apply 1 coat of Stonemaxx using Stainless Steel Trowel.

Previously painted and in sound condition

Clean and prepare surface – Apply using Stainless Trowel. Do not over paint previously Gloss Painted Surfaces.

Loosely bound or flaking paint

1) Use a Wire brush and scrape to remove all possible loose, Chalking and Flaking material.

2) Apply by brush a coat of Wallmaxx Masonry Primers.

3) Allow overnight to dry.

4) Apply Stonemaxx Scratch finish using Stainless Steel Trowel.

NOTE: Should any doubts exist over Application consult with Wallmaxx Technical or Marketing Department.