Cement based Putties, Skim Coat & Crack fillers


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Walltexx Putty is a cement based, high quality, ready mix, polymer modified, and one component putty in powder form. Walltexx Putty requires the addition of water on site. Walltexx Putty is ideal for smoothing internal and external cement base plastered walls and ceilings and fair face concrete prior to painting and coating applications.

Walltexx Putty can also be used for patching of pre-cast concrete products. Walltexx Putty has excellent adhesion and long term crack resistance even at extreme weather conditions. Walltexx Putty provides a protective base for the interior and exterior paints and helps in reducing the frequency of repainting. Walltexx Putty is specially formulated to provide smooth, water resistance putty when applied manually by putty knife / spatula. Also, Walltexx Putty can be applied by spraying machine to increase productivity. In this case Walltexx Putty will give a rough finish surface.


Walltexx Putty is manufactured from carefully selected raw materials which include a blend of special high strength hydraulic binders, selected well graded micronized fillers and special additives to enhance workability, water retention, adhesion and smoothing characteristics.


  1. Easy to use and apply. Only requires the addition of water on site for ease of use.
  2. Raw materials are selected according to the highest quality control standards.
  3. Exact mixing ratios and homogeneity of the blend, due to factory fully computerized production process.
  4. Excellent mixing and workability characteristics.
  5. Excellent water retention characteristics help in minimizing pre-wetting and water curing.
  6. Compatible with most types of paints such as emulsions paints, oil enamel paints, decorative paints and cement based coatings.
  7. Water resistance. Prevents paints from flaking even if the walls are damp.
  8. Can be applied at thickness from 0.2 mm up to 4 mm per layer without cracks (maximum two coats per day).
  9. Excellent bonding characteristics to plastered substrates and fair face concrete.
  10. Breathable, allows the substrate to breathe without de-lamination.
  11. Excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions and ambient temperatures variation from - 20º C to + 70ºC.
  12. More economic than acrylic base putties as there is no need for primer coat.

Technical Data


Gray and White.

Compressive Strength

<18 N/mm².

Flexural Strength

5 N/mm².

Bond Strength

0.55 N/mm².

Shrinkage (mm/m)

2.04 @ 28 days

Water Absorption, 24 H

 0.5 ml (PML 518 Karsten tube water droplet test)


Walltexx Putty is available in 25kg bags.