Wallproof (cement based, polymer modified, waterproofing coating)


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Wallproof is two components; cement based, acrylic polymer modified coating. When mixed on site, it gives slurry consistency which is easily applied by brush, roller or spray application. Trowelable consistency can also be achieved. When dries, Wallproof forms flexible, high quality waterproofing membrane for concrete, cementitious and masonry substrates.


Wallproof consists of powder and liquid components. The powder component is manufactured from carefully selected raw materials which include a blend of high strength cement, selected well graded fillers, and carefully selected additives. The liquid component consists of modified acrylic polymer dispersion.


Wallproof is used as internal and external waterproofing membrane in the following structures:

  1. Walls and floors in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and roofs.
  2. Water retaining structures such as swimming pools, potable water tanks and waste water tanks.
  3. Foundations, retaining walls and basements.
  4. Where anti carbonation protection is required to concrete structures.


  1. Easy to use and apply. Only requires the mixing of the two components on site.
  2. Raw materials are selected according to the highest quality control standards.
  3. Exact mixing ratios and homogeneous blend, due to factory fully computerized production process.
  4. Flexible. Will accommodate hair cracks movement up to 0.5 mm.
  5. Suitable for internal and external waterproofing applications.
  6. Impermeable.
  7. Non toxic. Approved by National Research Center.
  8. Will not support bacterial growth.
  9. Excellent bond strength to different construction materials.
  10. Excellent protection to concrete substrates against carbonation and chloride attack.
  11. Part of Wallmaxx Wet Areas Waterproofing System. Thus waterproofing is guaranteed.
  12. Resist light pedestrian traffic.
  13. Can be applied to damp & 24 hours old concrete substrates.

Technical Data


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Compressive Strength 

 <450 kg/cm² @ 28 days (ASTM D695)

Bond Strength

 <1.2 N/mm² @ 28 days (BS 1881)

Flexural Strength

   <340 kg/cm² @ 28 days (ASTM D790)

Pot Life

Approx. 40 minutes at 23° C.

No. of Coats

Two coats (minimum)

Time Between Coats

12 hours minimum at 25°C and 50% relative humidity.


Wallproof is available in two component packs:

  • Wallproof powder: available in 25kg / bag.
  • Wallproof 507 liquid: available in 5 kg / jerry can.