Wallmaxx adopts introducing latest, and up to date modern solutions for building and construction industry specially finishing process and as such, is arranging intensive training lectures and seminars inside and outside their premises to communicate modern solutions, technical information, and method of statement for consultants, engineers and labor providers.

Qualified applicators 

Wallmaxx adopts the philosophy that the right application process in all sites and projects necessary need the right applicator so, we recommend the suitable applicator for the consultants and customers depending on size of the project, type and number of needed labor, and needed equipment from a list of professional authorized contractors that get continuous training on a regular basis in our company.

Technical support 

We have adopted a strong technical support policy to customers starting with specification process. We do this through sending our specification engineers and technicians - till the end of application process - to advise and solve any application problems very fast in almost no time.

Free samples 

Wallmaxx offers free, color charts applied and powder form samples to customers free of charge in all projects and sites through our technical support team